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Customer Recommendations

Revital: the jewelry is simply perfect, well designed, beautiful, of a high quality, and packaged in a charming manner! (24.8.2018)

Ravid: The necklace I ordered arrived in just a few days, and was exactly as I’d hoped it would look. Thank you. (24.8.2018)

Shonit: I bought a pair of earrings for my little girl. They arrived in 3 working days. Beautiful earrings, delicate, and most importantly secure! With a screw closure, just like they used to make when I was little. And how can one not mention the exceptional customer service. I emailed, and within half an hour I had a response. I had a reply to all my questions in a helpful and pleasant manner. I’m sure I’ll be back to buy again and I’ll recommend it to my friends. Thank you very very much! (9.8.2018)

Shy: The jewelry arrived just as expected. Thank you very much for the excellent service. I’ll definitely be back to buy more in the future! (9.8.2018)

Rana: Stunning jewelry, high quality, and the delivery arrived quickly. I recommend it to anyone! (8.8.2018)

Galit: Beautiful jewelry, with a large selection of styles. Quick delivery and exceptional service! (8.8.2018)

Hilit: We searched for stud earring for my daughter for a long time but didn’t manage to find anything that was both pretty and at a good price. Soon as we got onto the site, we found exactly what we were looking for. The order arrived really fast, and the little girl is delighted. Thank you! (8.8.2018)

Maya: I’m speechless!! My third purchase for my niece. As an owner of a jewelry business myself, it’s always a pleasure to buy from you. High quality and inexpensive! (2.8.2018)

Natalie: I’ve never experienced such amazing service. The order arrived in 3 days, by courier, was packaged in a stunning box that was almost a shame to open. Thank you!! I’ll be back to place another order soon. (2.8.2018)

Chali: my order arrived quicker than quick. Reliable and fast service. The earrings are stunning and the little girl is over the moon. Thank you. (2.8.2018)

Batel: Already the third time I’m ordering from the website, with every problem that I came across I had a quick reply that was professional and charming!! Definitely not the last time I’ll be buying. High quality, durable jewelry. Thank you very much! (1.8.2018)

Roni: The necklace I ordered arrived in just a few days, the ordering process on the website was easy and simple, and in addition I got a phone call from Customer Service to suggest better options. In short, no words can describe it! I know from where I’m buying jewelry next time. (1.8.2018)

David: Excellent website!! I hadn’t heard of the website before I ordered, but I decided to try it and was pleasantly surprised! The order arrived very quickly, and for anything that wasn’t clear in the order I got a phone call to make sure so that everything was the best it could be. (30.7.2018)

Hila: I ordered a pair of earrings for my little girl. They arrived quickly, and the earrings were just perfect. My little girl is just two and was thrilled. I’m not worried about the earrings falling out as they have a screw closure. Thank you for the service and high quality. (30.7.2018)

Korin: The Customer Service representative I spoke to was fantastic. Customer service just as it should be and that we all deserve. You’ve definitely earned me as a regular customer. (30.7.2018)

Lior: I bought a necklace with a children’s pendant. The personal design came out stunning. My wife was thrilled. Thank you very much!! (28.7.2018)

Mor: Super fast service, high quality and beautiful jewelry at an appropriate price! Highly recommended. (27.7.2018)

Ofira: It’s nice that you can design your own jewelry and it arrives so quickly. I love it! (26.7.2018)

Olsia: I bought two pairs of earrings, for a baby and little girl, with a screw closure. They’re as stunning as I expected. Thank you! (26.7.2018)

Bar: This is the first time I’ve bought jewelry on the internet. A wonderful and magical experience. The delivery of the necklace was even faster than a telegram… (24.7.2018)

Donna: How wonderful to find gold jewelry at such a good price! The shipment was quick, the courier was very nice, the packaging was perfect, and the jewelry really delightful. Thank you! (23.7.2018)

Jerman: Dear youme! Firstly, this is the second time I order from you: excellent service, excellent product, very high quality, at a very high standard. The website is very easy to use and allows easy access to all the jewelry. I ordered a bit late and thought the order would not arrive in time. But with you, as always, I was pleasantly surprised.. The jewelry (necklace in a personal design and pair of earrings) were with me in just a few days after the order. Of course, they were beautifully wrapped and especially impressive. Thank you very much!! (19.7.2018)

Shifaa: Very quick service, I received it in just a few days.. Very good jewelry. Just as I wanted. The most beautiful box I’ve ever seen. In short - everything was greeeeaaat. (17.7.2018)

Shiran: I ordered yellow gold elephant-shaped earrings for my 3.5-year-old daughter, after she went through the pictures on the website a million times and had a hard time choosing just one. As we now know, after the outstanding service, that this won’t be our last order or of our acquaintances! From the moment of placing the order to receiving it passed exactly four days, the order arrived quickly, the courier was charming, and I immediately received an email to ask if there was anything to improve. This shows a business that cares about its customers and doesn’t take them for granted! (17.7.2018)

Lital: the earrings arrived very quickly, in a charming package and are very high quality! (17.7.2018)

Maram: I ordered two silver necklaces, one with a name, on Thursday. I waited impatiently to receive the order. Usually I see a lot of website promising that the order will arrive in a few days, but it doesn’t happen. This time, to my surprise, the phone rang on Tuesday morning: the courier was on his way to me. When I opened the box and saw it was the youme order I was shocked. Unbelievable that it was so fast and easy. The order arrived nice and tidy, with a receipt, and such cute boxes, and each necklace had a warranty. I love the website: easy to use, quick service, stunning jewelry, and fair prices. Of course I recommend it! (16.7.2018)

Michal: The standard of service is very high, every request dealt with, and quick reply. After we decided to exchange the earrings we received, we got charming earrings. (16.7.2018)

Yasmin: Very high quality jewelry, very beautiful. They arrived in just three days. I ordered earrings for myself and my little girl, and we’re both happy and pleased. Delighted to know you! (12.7.2018)

Sheli: The design, the quality, the service and the price are the best there is!!! I placed two different orders on the website, and both of them arrived in just a few days! Thank you very much. (10.7.2018)

Sharon: The father chose a perfect gift! The service was very quick, the necklace was beautiful and better than expected.. And of course the service was helpful and efficient.. The little girl is thrilled. (9.7.2018)

Harela: There are not many website selling high quality gold jewelry at a good price and with good service! youme is one of these and highly recommended. (9.7.2018)

Yael: I bought a pair of dangling earrings for my 9-year-old daughter. Charming earrings. There was much excitement. Excellent service. In just a few days we had the earrings. Recommend from the bottom of my heart. (6.7.2018)

Oshrit: Very pleased. Warm, patient and helpful service from the manager I spoke to. My jewelry store from now on! (4.7.2018)

Nofar: Second time I’ve ordered from you, champions! Service above and beyond! Champions! (4.7.2018)

Moran: The order arrived quickly, the jewelry looks great, and the price very fair. Highly recommended!!! (3.7.2018)

Adi: I won the lottery with youme, from the first moment the service was excellent. I just received my order yesterday. I loved the packaging and attention to detail, the necklace is beautiful, I really loved it, thank you very much. (3.7.2018)

Nili: I ordered earrings for my daughter. I had a few worries about ordering gold jewelry online. In my conversation with the Customer Service representative I received answers to my questions that allayed my concerns. The earrings arrived very quickly, in an impressive and stunning gift box. My daughter bounced with excitement, and the earrings were just what I wanted. (27.6.2018)

Ruth: Fast service, and the jewelry is exactly as described on the website. (26.6.2018)

Sheni: Amazingly quick delivery!! The jewelry is super high quality!! (22.6.2018)

Tamar: Fantastic service. Arrived quickly… I didn’t even notice the wait.. Very pleased! Like! (22.6.2018)

Shiran: Very pleased! I was really pressed for time, and in just days I received a perfect necklace. The little girl is over the moon. Thank you very much for the amazing service. (21.6.2018)

Ornit: Already the second time I’ve ordered from you and I’m very pleased.. Amazing service, fast, great manner and the jewelry is perfect. High quality just as in the photos. Without a doubt I’ll buy again. Thank you. (21.6.2018)

Hadar: The necklace is of excellent quality, the courier helpful, and the service fast and worthwhile. (20.6.2018)

Maggie: Great jewelry, just as in the pictures. Thank you! (20.6.2018)

Chagit: Unique designs, beautiful! Great standard of service, quick, helpful and professional! (19.6.2018)

Natalie: Third time already that I’ve ordered. The jewelry is great and the service fantastic. Warmly recommended. (18.6.2018)

Oshrit: First of all, the manager was most charming. Helpful and fast service. The jewelry was exactly as shown in the photo, and in reality much prettier. Very pleased and will be back to buy again! (14.6.2018)

Moti: The ordering process through the website is easy and clear, and delivered on time without problems. Exceptional service. I’ll be ordering again without a doubt. (14.6.2018)

Simi: Highly recommended! The second time already that I’ve ordered from you, the earrings I got my daughter are even pretty than the pictures, the box is cute and it’s great that the delivery is so quick and free. Excellent customer service! (13.6.2018)

Dorin: I bought two necklaces for my nieces. Very user friendly website. The necklaces arrived on time as promised, very beautifully packaged. Definitely a website to come back to. I recommended it to all my friends. (11.6.2018)

Vered: The delivery was quick. The necklace I bought is very pretty just like the photo, and it was packaged in a cute box. I loved everything, I’ll be back to buy in the future. (11.6.2018)

Lili: A wonderful shopping experience. I ordered and in just a few days the courier already arrived with the order. Beautifully wrapped, ready to present as a gift. I’ll be back to buy again. Very pleasantly surprised! (9.6.2018)

Liana: I ordered a pair of stunning earrings for my daughter. They arrived in 3 days. And she’s happy… (7.6.2018)

Ya’ara: Quick and friendly service. My order went out the same day and in just a few days I received it. (6.6.2018)

Karen: Time after time that I’ve ordered from youme and each time I get as excited! The speed, the care, the personal touch :) and of course the high quality jewelry. (1.6.2018)

Zehavit: I ordered dolphin shaped earrings for my daughter - the service was excellent! The delivery fast! And the earrings did not disappoint. Highly recommended! (31.5.2018)

Gili: The necklace was just as I wished. Such a wide choice and so many beautiful things that it’s difficult to choose, because I just wanted everything! The website is amazing. I told all my friends to have a look. (30.5.2018)

Ziva: Thank you! The jewelry is perfect. Wonderful speedy service. It arrived wrapped up so charmingly… Simply a pleasure. (25.5.18)

Ronit: I got to know youme after my daughters lost an improbably amount of gold earrings. Since I’ve bought from you the earrings are not going anywhere. Hiiiiiiighly recommended, excellent customer service. (24.5.2018)

Esti: Very good and unique earrings found only here. I got my daughter some earrings before from somewhere else, and they caught on her clothes and poked her. The secure clasp you have is simply excellent, so unique and secure:) Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. (24.5.2018)

Chagit: The buying process on the website is very easy and user friendly. I was pleased to receive a pair of earrings as a gift. I ordered three items that arrived in a matter of days! The jewelry is simply fabulous, and I have no doubt I’ll be back to buy more from this charming store. Thank you very much! (23.5.2018)

Abigail: I ordered a custom-made name necklace. I ordered during the holidays and was really surprised that the necklace arrived by courier in just a few days. The service is excellent and the necklace charming. (22.5.2018)

Riki: The website is well designed and user-friendly. The buying process is simple and pleasant. And the delivery - not only free, but the courier was really nice. Thank you very much! (22.5.2018)

Shlomit: Beautiful earrings. The delivery arrived even more quickly than expected with a charming courier. What more can you ask for? A pleasure! (16.5.2018)

Adi: After ordering from the youme website, today I received a stunning necklace with the letters R and A by courier, right to my door. For months I’d been trying to think what could I do that would be pretty and delicate, with the names of my husband and baby (Adir, Ram). I stumbled on the youme website and saw jewelry with beautiful designs and reasonable prices. In addition, the service is simply fantastic: patient, kind, pleasant and professional. Free delivery to my door, and in just a few days. The necklace is made from solid 925 silver, so I can shower and go to the pool wearing it with no worry. Highly recommended! (16.5.2018)

Inbal: It’s the first time I’ve ordered from the website, and gold jewelry at that! But I was pleasantly surprised. In just a few days the courier arrived to my door with the stunning jewelry, in a fabulous box. In addition I also received a pair of earrings for girls as a gift. Very worthwhile. I’ll definitely be back to buy again! (16.5.2018)

Shira: A user-friendly website even for kids. My daughter made her choice through the categories, within the price range I selected for the purchase. The earrings arrived quickly and are of an excellent quality. We’re all very pleased with the purchase. I recommend it to everyone! It’s easy and convenient, and with a warranty. I should also add that I’ve never seen such beautiful earrings. And the range is fantastic - we’ve not seen anything like it in any store. (11.5.2018)

Orna: Usually to order anything custom made takes time, as well as the matching necklace. I ordered the necklace ahead of time so as not to be under pressure at the last minute. And look what a miracle: we got the necklace in just a few days! What could be better? The buying process on the website is simple and easy. The necklace arrived packaged in fabulous wrapping. The necklace is delicate and beautiful, exceeding expectations. In short, I’m very pleased! I’m sure the recipient of the necklace will be very happy to wear it... I’ll let you know after it’s gifted. (8.5.2018)

Shuki: Like any typical man I only remembered at the last minute to buy a gift for my wife. I saw your amazing pendants and immediately knew I wanted to buy one. I called to place an order, and the service I received was above and beyond any expectations. I couldn’t believe how quickly the package was in my hand after making the order that you helped me choose, and wrapped up so wonderfully! I can’t describe how happy my wife was. Thank you! (7.5.2018)

Irna: I received the earrings for my little girl in just a few days. I’m very pleased with the quality of the jewelry and the customer service. The earrings are stunning on my daughter... (3.5.2018).

Chanit: The product and service are the best. Fabulous! We’ll meet again. (2.5.2018)

Ayala: What fun! I promised my little girl a present for having improved her grades, and I ordered her a pair of your stunning earrings! To be honest I wasn’t sure what would arrive but it worked out perfectly. My little girl was so thrilled that I was tempted to buy myself a pair. Thank you for the perfect earrings and great service. (30.4.2018)

Bat Chen: I bought a gold necklace for a friend - it arrived in just a few days! The friend that received t the necklace could not stop enthusing over it. Great quality. I’ll buy again without a doubt. (25.4.2018)

Eliel: I ordered some earrings for my daughter, which was difficult to do as she wanted virtually everything... Extensive range. Finally she chose a pair of charming earrings, that arrived by courier to our house in just a few days. The main thing is that my little girl is pleased! Thank you very much. (24.4.2018)

Sharona: Such exceptionally fast service! The earrings arrived in a lovely package, and my daughter got compliments from all her friends! I’m sure I’ll be buying more one-of-a-kind jewelry from you in the near future! (24.4.2018)

Danit: I bought some earrings for a one-year old baby girl for her first birthday. The earrings arrived quickly, in a fabulous wrapping and with a card. The service was amazing and quick. The earrings are beautiful, well designed, simply a pleasure to receive an item that looks like it’s been wrapped with care and love - not a given! Thank you very much. (24.4.2018)

Alona: Great and speedy service, the item is exactly as it looks in the photographs. Highly recommended! (24.4.2018)

Sally: I’d especially point out the great selection and ease of purchasing, along with how quickly the delivery arrived. Simply excellent! (18.4.2018)

Betty: The earrings are exactly as in the photos. The delivery arrived quickly and the courier was pleasant. This is already a second purchase and it was fun. (

Yamit: I really enjoyed the great customer service. The jewelry is really pretty, highly recommend buying from youme! (17.4.2018)

Sarit: I ordered a necklace over the weekend and by Wednesday I already received it. It was exactly as I ordered from a design point of view of the graphics and color of the necklace. Fabulous service, and the price unbeatable. Thank you! (15.4.2018)

Adi: Great service, attentive, and considerate. Great standard of jewelry and at second to none prices. My next purchase is definitely from here! (13.4.2018)

Shy: I would especially like to mention the excellent service that I received buying from the website. (11.4.2018)

Liraz: A perfect shopping experience from A to Z. Great service, excellent prices. Thank you! (10.4.2018)

Efrat: After much searching to find girls’ earrings I came upon the charming website of youme. The jewelry is beautiful, the quality is excellent, the service is great, the packaging delightful, and prices for any size pocket. Simply a great buying experience. Thank you youme! (9.4.2018)

Na’ama: I bought two earrings from the website. The earrings were even prettier than in the photos. When I called Customer Service to check something I received very attentive and professional service: you could even hear the smile. I’ll definitely buy from the website again and I’ve already recommended it to my friends. (29.3.2018)

Galit: One of my best buys! Stunning earrings of a high quality for my little girl age 8. I’m very satisfied and will always buy from you. Thank you very much! (28.3.2018)

Tali: An enjoyable buying experience, in just a few days we already received the order. The necklace is stunning and very flattering, and arrived in a cute box that just made you want to open it and see. What fun! (28.3.2018)

Tzipi: Fun all the way! We bought some earrings for our beloved granddaughter. We enjoyed choosing. We received the delivery very quickly. We enjoyed the excitement and beauty of the earrings, and we’ll continue to enjoy them for some time. Thank you! (27.3.2018)

Odelia: I had a great time buying for the second time from the youme website. A charming website and eautiful products. I’ll back to buy again. (27.3.2018)

Sharon: Wonderful jewelry! Very delicate. Good quality. Very quick delivery. Thank you. (27.3.2018)

Mirav: Placing the order was easy and simply, service was very quick, excellent quality and the most important is that it’s solid gold. How do I know? Because I’m allergic to every kind of fakery, plating, and counterfeiting that I can barely wear such earrings two hours. But I’m wearing youme earrings 24/7 and it feels great, and the designs are stunning! (26.3.2018)

Miri: I bought a pair of earrings for my daughter, after I found out she was sensitive to silver and other materials. It was great fun to choose, lovely designs and wide range. Also the prices are much cheaper than what I’ve seen in the stores! The earrings arrived just after a few days to such delight and joy that’s indescribable. So thank you! (21.3.2018)

Sigal: I ordered three pairs of earrings for girls. They arrived in just a few days by courier to my door. The earrings are beautiful, even more than the pictures, and the gift box is fabulous! (20.3.2018)

Yonit: This is the second time I’ve bought from the website and the jewelry is of very high quality. The earrings arrived in stunning packaging, and such fast service! In short - speechless! Warmly recommended to everyone. I’ve already recommended to others and of course will continue to order. (20.3.2018)

Nurit: The first earring of my two-year old girl. Joy ❣ (15.3.2018)

Sivan: Wow, am I satisfied! I ordered on Wednesday and already received the order on Monday. The earrings are beautiful. I’m very satisfied and so can recommend! (15.2.2018)

Liora: I ordered gold heart earrings for my daughter. I received the order in just a few days, and the earrings are exactly as described on the website. Of course my daughter was thrilled to wear them. Thank you for the service. (15.3.2018)

Riki: I ordered amazing earrings for my daughter. They arrived in just a few days with a helpful courier. Charming earrings! There’s no doubt we’ll be regular customers! (13.2.2018)

Chen: Stunning jewelry. Arrived really quickly. The website is pleasant and fun to use. I’ll definitely be buying again! (13.3.2018)

Erica: Excellent service! I placed the order on Wednesday, and even though it says delivery in 3 days I was sure it would only arrive on Tuesday (it was a present for Mom :)). I was very surprised when it arrived already on Monday. Well done! Definitely recommended, I already recommended you to my friends and family! (10.3.2018)

Ya’ara: Excellent service, high quality products, and a simply enjoyable buying experience! (10.3.2018)

Liraz: Excellent service. Very fast delivery! High quality and beautiful jewelry. The buying process is very easy. I’ll be back to buy from the website at every opportunity. (7.3.2018)

Dikla: I ordered earrings for a little girl. They arrived in just a few days and are even prettier than the photo! Very happy! (7.3.2018)

Karinne: Stunning jewelry. Delivered just as I’d requested. More than that, I ordered on Friday and said I had to have it for Wednesday. On Wednesday morning I had a message left to let me know that the delivery would be that day. And so it was! They prepared the necklace for me on time and it came out stunning! Warmly recommended! (6.3.2018)

Racheli: I bought a pair of earrings with a matching pendant. The jewelry arrived quickly with a warranty, and I received a discount voucher for my next purchase. Highly recommend buying from the website. (26.2.2018)

Karen: I ordered a pair of dangling earrings for my daughter’s 8th birthday. The delivery was as quick as promised, and the earrings are stunning! My daughter is thrilled! (23.2.2018)

Corinne: A regular customer of yours. The website is impressive and easy to navigate, the delivery quick and efficient. Highly recommended! (21.2.2018)

Adi: The earrings are just perfect for my little girl. Wide range of different designs. Excellent service and very fast delivery. Recommended and recommended! (20.2.2018)

Eli: Warmly recommended... I ordered gold earrings and they arrived in just a few days to my house. The ordering process over the phone was helpful and quick. (16.2.2018)

Michal: What I received was exactly what I ordered. I’m veeeeeery satisfied! (16.2.2018)

Orit: As one who has set up and run e-commerce websites and manages most of my life through the internet (banks, supermarkets, clothes, vacations, etc.) I must say you are simply fantastic! From the selection of the jewelry, to placing an order, to the courier delivery that arrived in just days. I haven’t seen many such professional websites. Well done! I recommended it to my friends and I’m sure I’ll be back to buy again. (15.2.2018)

Nachum: Thank you for the service, the initiative, the help and understanding. The delivery arrived even quicker than stated! One can rely on you with eyes closed. Thank you very very much. We’ll order again! (15.2.2018)

Audrey: Firstly, excellent and fast customer service. I received a stunning and high quality pendant. We’ll meet again - without a doubt! (13.2.2018)

Rosa: I bought cute strawberry earrings. Very worthwhile jewelry! Arrived with great speed to my door. The courier was charming and patient, and most importantly - my little girl is happy. (13.2.2018)

Nofar: This is our third time. (The first time I was a little nervous because I wasn’t familiar with the website). Without a doubt the quality of the jewelry is fantastic and the delivery fast! Definitely warmly recommended! Thank you, thank you, thank you! (8.2.2018)

Raphael: he purchasing process was very quick. The selection process was pretty immediate too. The choice on the website is very interesting and there’s something for everyone. The prices and quality of the products are very tempting, and there is a lot of transparency on what the customer will get, as opposed to some other websites which inflate prices and hide information. In short - worthwhile. (6.2.2018)

Sivan: We ordered together some charming gold earrings for a birthday. The website is user-friendly, clear and easy to use. My four-year old daughter managed to look and choose on her own. The delivery arrived quickly and efficiently, and most important - my little girl received it with such excitement and loved the present she chose. Fabulous! (6.2.2018)

Terry: I ordered a lot online and really the buying experience with you was amazing from the start. The website is really easy and pleasant, with a great selection, right down to the friendly courier that arrived quickly. The jewelry was of very high quality and in just a few days I had my order. Thank you! (2.2.2018)

Hadas: I ordered over the phone (I had a gift voucher), the conversation was pleasant and friendly. The order was already shipped the following day and looked exactly like the photo. Exceptionally outstanding service. Well done! I’ll be ordering again. (31.1.2018)

Maya: Stunning designs! The earring are really light and you don’t notice them at all, simply gorgeous! (29.1.2018)

Bar: Helpful and responsive service that meets the requirements. The courier was a bit late but he took the time to let us know in advance. (29.1.2018) 

 Ita: On Thursday evening I ordered earrings for my little girl from the website. On Wednesday I already had them! What service! Also I received a receipt, and a coupon for 10% discount for my next purchase... And a postage-paid envelope in case I wanted to return the item. Wow! What service! The earrings I ordered are simply gorgeous. My daughter was thrilled with them and got many compliments on them! Thank you for the wonderful service! (29.1.2018)

Natalie: Stunning! From the first conversation placing the order, to the delivery by courier with the lovely packaging, simply perfect! My most beautiful necklace ever! (18.1.2018)

Sil: This is already the third time I’m buying from youme and I’m in love! High quality jewelry that attracts many compliments, and really comfortable! Thank you for your existence! (18.1.2018)

Karin: The necklace has garnered a great many compliments! Thank you very much for the excellent service. My little girl was thrilled. (18.1.2018)

Sefa: I bought teddy bear earrings for the first birthday of my Jasmine. The earrings are charming, and I loved the silicon screw closure. A big thank you! (18.1.2018)

Noah: Beautiful and delicate earrings. Arrived really quickly and my little girl is happy! (16.1.2018)

Eileen: Perfect! Just perfect! Gorgeous earrings, gorgeous packaging. Arrived bang on time. Thank you very much! I’ll obviously recommend you. The service is excellent and delivery quick. (16.1.2018)

Shy-Lee: I bought a necklace and amazing earrings for my mother, the dearest amongst women. Despite the last minute notice, the order arrived in just a few days! And I even had time to get advice about the length and suitable of the necklace. Thanks to you all for the excellent service! (16.1.2018)

Inna: Thank you very much for the fast service, the jewelry is stunning, and the most important - the little girl is over the moon! (16.1.2018)

Walda: I bought gold earrings for a little girl. Good prices. Good service. What more does one need? Thank you! (16.1.2018) 

onit: I ordered earrings for my daughter. The earrings arrived on time and they are simply beautiful, just like in the photo. Recommended! (14.1.2018)

Chana: Wonderful jewelry. I bought earrings for my granddaughter and they arrived so quickly. Excellent service! (11.1.2018)

Mazal: I ordered earrings after previously ordering a necklace. They arrived in just a few days, in a luxurious box and exactly what I ordered. Thank you. (3.1.2017)

Sarah: I debated about buying earrings from your website. I wasn’t sure about the quality, trustworthiness and the service: I was pleasantly surprised. After just a few days my order arrived beautifully packaged. The jewelry is beautiful and looks even better in reality than on the website. I warmly recommend buying. The jewelry is lovely and at a reasonable price, and the service is fast and helpful. Well done to you, I’ll recommend youme to anyone. (28.12.2017)

Daniel: this is my second purchase in two months. This time we bought a necklace for my daughter celebrating her seventh birthday. The service is as wonderful as before. It’s my view that if the service is good then it’s all good. The jewelry is of high quality, the packaging is stunning and inviting, and the delivery fast and at no extra charge. You can’t ask for more. You’re wonderful. (26.12.2017)

Ella: Thank you for the fast service! The jewelry arrived in glamorous packaging, and the buying process on the website is very user friendly. (25.12.2017)

Yehudit: An excellent standard of customer service, from the first phone call until the jewelry arrived at my door. And of course the product is stunning and of very high quality. (23.12.2017)

Ezra: After a long search for earrings suitable for a baby, failed attempts and many lost earrings, I found you. A huge range, reasonable prices, and an ingenious and uncommon screw closure. (21.12.2017)

Vered: I ordered a name necklace for my young daughter. Although the order was not complete, the necklace arrived in just a few days and this after a pleasant and super-helpful phone conversation in which a representative helped me complete the missing information for my internet order. Thank you to the whole team, from the designer, customer service, to the courier. We lovingly recommend. (19.12.2017)

Dima: Words cannot express how pleased I am with the buying process and the service! A very easy to use website, prices pleasantly surprising. Delivery is quick and of a high standard. They got in touch and delivered right to my door. I ordered earrings for my daughter, and they arrived in a beautiful box with a warranty. I have no doubt that any future jewelry I will buy from you. Thank you for my excellent buying experience. (13.12.2017)

Anat: I bought my daughter a pair of gold earrings. The choice was huge, and the earrings I received were exactly like the photo if not even prettier. 12.12.2017)

Oshra: I ordered gold earrings for my little girl. The jewelry arrived quickly in lovely package. Without a doubt I’ll be back to buy more soon! (11.12.2017)

Alona: This is already the second time I’m buying from the website. The jewelry is of high quality and really arrives quickly! Warmly recommended. (4.12.2017)

Irit: My shopping experience on the website was excellent - I was looking for a special bat mitzvah present, that would have a meaning. The range is vast and the service excellent. In just a few days I received the delivery, and the jewelry is of very high quality. Thank you! (4.12.2017)

David: The purchasing process and delivery were very quick, excellent product and to our full satisfaction. (3.12.2017)

Michal: I ordered a solid gold name necklace. I was a bit worried, as sometimes there’s a difference between what you see on the internet and in reality, and the fact is I’m really pleased! I was really pleasantly surprised. The jewelry is of high quality and arrived really fast, and the customer service were very helpful! Thank you very much I’ll of course come back to buy again from your website. (29.11.2017)

Inbar: Highly recommended. Great service arrived in just a few days after ordering, beautiful and even more than I expected. (29.11.2017)

Shira: This is the first time I’ve bought gold online, and it’s simply great. It arrived in a pretty package with warranty, and most important - it arrived quickly. Really recommended. Just great. (29.11.2017)

Hodia: The delivery arrived so fast! And the jewelry is perfect! (28.11.2017)

Racheli: First time I’ve ordered from you and I really enjoyed the fast service. The order arrived so quickly and beautifully packaged, simply a great experience. (28.11.2017)

Yael: Excellent service! Easy to use website, fast, efficient and pleasant customer service. The delivery was quick and friendly, and one little girl is super happy! We’ll be back and buy again in the future. (28.11.2017)

Alexandra: Fabulous earrings! My daughter fell in love with them. Thank you very much! (28.11.2017)

Oren: A quality product as shown on the internet. Delivery on time. (28.11.2017)

Yifat: Highly recommended... I really appreciated the reliability and the timely delivery. The packaging is impressive and beautiful. You’ve earned a customer who will recommend to everyone. (28.11.2017)

Midgat: Amazing service. I ordered in the morning, they phoned back in the afternoon to confirm some details, and I received the package barely days later at exactly at the time specified by text message. Really impressed with the efficiency. You delighted me and a little girl will be delighted on her birthday. Thank you. (25.11.2017)

Sivan: Fast, good quality and excellent service! (23.11.2017)

Michal: I designed a name necklace for my daughter. The Customer Service person I spoke to over the phone was helpful, pleasant and efficient. The necklace is beautiful and arrived in fabulous packaging. My daughter is over the moon!!! Thank you. (23.11.2017)

Vicki: Fast service, efficient, and value for money. The purchasing process is very user friendly! (22.11.2017)

Ziva: A range of jewelry in classic designs for mother and daughter. Professional service and fast delivery to my door! Good prices! I’m sold already. (20.11.2017)

Rina: I bought two pairs of earrings. They arrived so quickly and looked exactly as on the website. Excellent service. Warmly recommended. (20.11.2017)

Limor: I really enjoyed it! The jewelry is beautiful and of high quality. The price is right. The delivery quick. Customer Service was helpful and excellent. Thank you very much! You gave pleasure and joy! (18.11.2017)

Inav: I ordered a pair of earrings as a gift for a baby. The earrings arrived in a beautiful box, high quality, and with a backing perfect for an active tiny tot! They arrived very quickly with a courier who coordinated a time with me. An enjoyable and quick buying experience! (16.11.2017)

Eti: I ordered a pair of earrings for my daughter’s fourth birthday. My daughter is happy and I’m even more. A wide and impressive range of earrings, and the delivery is very fast. A highly recommended website! (15.11.2017)

Keren: My first purchase on the website! Excellent service! (15.11.2017)

Batia: Thank you for the helpful and professional service. I ordered a pair of unique earrings at a fantastic price and great quality. Just a few days after ordering they arrived by courier in a charming box. (14.11.2017)

Kobi: Great and fast service! (14.11.2017)

Tal: The earrings arrived really quickly and are simply charming! Well done for the service and the jewelry.

Shachar: Fast delivery and beautiful packaging! Thank you! (14.11.2017)

Natalie: Perfect service! In just a matter of days arrived at my door a pair of cute and charming earring, with a secure fastening and just the perfect size for little girls. (14.11.2017)

Rita: I ordered some earrings for my daughter. The arrived just a few days later to my door. The packaging was very nice, my daughter really loved the earrings. Thank you for the service. (13.11. 2017)

Yael: Excellent service, with a personal touch, warm and helpful. The necklace arrived in just a few days with a courier to my house. Warmly recommended! (13.11.2017)

Sarit: User-friendly website that shows exactly what you’re getting. The courier arrived within days, and the earring are even more stunning than the pictures we saw. Highly recommended. (12.11.2017)

Eldad: We ordered a gift for our daughter’s birthday, and it arrived wonderfully wrapped up and quickly! (11.11.2017)

Miriam: This is the first time I ordered. Helpful and excellent service, great jewelry. (11.11.2017)

Zina: High quality jewelry. Helpful service. Free and fast delivery. I greatly enjoyed buying on the website and of course I’ll continue! (11.11.2017)

Marina: The buying process is very easy and simple. A large selection of jewelry to suit any taste. The earrings arrived in a pretty box. And the most important thing, my daughter was very happy to receive them. (9.11.2017)

Shirley: My order arrived so quickly! Just days after ordering I had an email to tell me the courier was coming the next day. The package that arrived was charming and stylish, with a warranty! I really enjoyed ordering online and I’ll certainly be back to buy my next items of jewelry. Thank you! (6.11.2017)

Daniel: I received a name necklace from my husband on the occasion of our child’s birth. I was very happy it was through you as the buying experience was fantastic. Outstanding service, stunning jewelry and the delivery arrived within days. Without a doubt I’ll be back to buy from you. (3.11.2017)

Gil: Excellent choice, good prices, and superfast delivery times. (2.11.2018)

Amos: Very happy. I received the order just a few days after ordering. (26.10.2017)

Shira: Not only the service is fast but the jewelry is stunning and of high quality, at a fair price. (25.10.2017) 

Noah: The purchase was simple and easy. After a few days the order already arrived, and it was great fun receiving it. (24.10.2017) 

Monica: thank you for the item, it arrived quickly. Outstanding customer service, customer focused. I’ll be happy to buy from you again in the future. (24.10.2017)

Shy: Excellent price, excellent service and great delivery! Recommended! (23.10.2017)

Leanna: Excellent service, the delivery arrived so quickly! Warmly recommended. (20.10.2017)

Dror: The order arrived with the speed of light! Wrapped up and packaged in a respectable fashion. My granddaughter is over the moon and so am I. (20.10.2017)

Keren: Excellent service. Wonderful selection of earrings! In just a few days the courier arrived to my door with a charming gift box. (17.10.2017)

Luba: Everything was wrapped so perfectly in the gift box, and the courier arrived quickly. Thank you very much. I’ll definitely buy again! (17.10.2017)

Dvorah: Warmly recommended, excellent service, high quality workmanship. (13.10.2017)

Gaia: very happy with the earrings I bought myself to celebrate my graduation. The free courier service was a real treat and made the entire purchase into an easy and delightful experience. Thank you very much! (5.10.2017)

Liraz: A wonderful buying experience. In just a few days it arrived with a courier. Excellent service. Warmly recommend buying from this website. (4.10.2017)

Mazal: I ordered a necklace. In just days it arrived with a courier, to my satisfaction. I’ll continue to buy from you because of the jewelry and the helpful, trustworthy service. (4.10.2017)

Linor: The order came very fast. The earrings are beautiful and comfortable. (4.10.2017)

Or: Thank you for the great and speedy service! I ordered a pair of earrings and they already arrived in days, beautiful and stunning exactly as the photos on the website! (3.10.2017)

Tal: I greatly recommend youme! Beautiful product, excellent service, arrived quickly (3.10.2017)

Anna: I bought a pair of star earrings for my little girl. I called and asked if it would be possible to have the order by the end of the week in time for my daughter’s birthday. The young woman I spoke to was super kind and said she’ll do everything to make sure everything arrives on time. And so it was just a few days later that the courier arrived with the gift. The earrings arrived in lovely packaging, high quality and simply stunning. My daughter received them today and is happy as can be. So thank you for everything!!! It was absolutely a great buying experience, and of course next time I’ll be back to buy from you again! (29.9.2017)

Liron: Excellent service! Donna helped on the phone with recommendation for earrings that suited me perfectly! I received two pairs of stunning earrings, one for me and one for my daughter. Excellent service, warmly recommended. (28.9.2017)

Yahalom: Buying on the website is easy and the service is great! The product I ordered arrived quickly and in stunning packaging! (27.9.2017)

Michal: I bought a gold necklace with a Virgo pendant. I received it as a birthday gift on turning 45. I bought it on my birthday and just days later it arrived with a courier to my door. The necklace arrived beautifully packaged with a warranty. The item is perfectly finished and beautiful. Thank you. (26.9.2017)

Oshrit: Thanks you to for the stunning earrings for my little girl, and I also wanted to say thank you for the quick delivery. Warmly recommend. (26.9.2017)

Moran: You’re amazing and patient. The earrings arrived in just a few days. Warmly recommended!! (21.9.2017)

Noa: Really beautiful earrings. It’s already the second time I’m ordering from the website. The service is quick and efficient, and the earrings are stunning. Thank you! (21.9.2017)

Gitit: I was trying to decide between two pairs of earrings for my little girl. I left a voice message, and in just a few minutes someone range me back with help and advice. The Customer Service woman helped me with pleasure and the ordered arrived even before the holiday. Just a few days later the courier was at our door with the order. Simply fun! Excellent service! Warmly recommended! (20.9.2017)

Sheni: I ordered earrings for my daughter for the second time. The service is fantastic and fast, the item was wrapped up in a most charming and delightful way. I’ll definitely order again. Warmly recommended! (19.9.2017)

Tal: A beautiful and unique piece of jewelry! It arrived in just days from ordering. (19.9.2017)

Mittal: I bought 2 pairs of earrings at the end of last week, and already they arrived at the start of the following week. Very professional and fast service. The item is beautiful, and I’m sure from now I’ll keep buying from you. 5 star service. (19.9.2017)

Sharon: Thank you to youme for the stunning necklaces! The service was prompt and the pendants perfect. Warmly recommended (18.9.2017)

Galina: I ordered a pair of earrings for my daughter, they looked exactly like the photos. I really loved them, so pretty and delicate. The jewelry was perfectly wrapped. Everything was of the highest quality. I received them to my door in just a few days, as it said on the order. I was really happy with the service. Warmly recommended. Thank you very much. (15.9.2017)

Nurit: We bought strawberry shaped earrings for my 5.5-year-old daughter. he earrings we received were charming and special. We were surprised how pretty they turned out to be, much more than the photo on the website. Everyone is charmed by the cute strawberries in her ears. (13.9.2017)

Karin: The delivery was very quick. The necklace is stunning. Very happy. Simply a pleasure. (13.9.2017)

Shiran: It’s a pleasure to order every time! The delivery is quick and the jewelry perfect. (12.9.2017)

Hadar: Great service, fast delivery and for free! Charming jewelry at reasonable prices. Warmly recommended! (11.9.2017)

Lavi: thank you for the fast service and the jewelry that really made my little girl happy. (8.9.2017).

Ofra: The earrings arrived so quickly after ordering that it was amazing. My three-year old daughter loves them so much. What I liked was the closure, so it’s not so easy to lose the earring. A great joy to order! (8.9.2017)

Amir: Excellent and delightful service, and a pleasant buying experience. The first earrings for our Noah. We received the charmingly wrapped package yesterday. Thank you. (8.9.2017)

Liat: I first heard about youme thanks to a gift I received, a most beautiful gold pendant and necklace. I decided to order a necklace for my daughter’s birthday. I spoke with Customer Service, and the girl there was very patient and pleasant! We placed the order and in just a few days the order arrived to my full satisfaction and my daughter’s delight! Thank you for the pleasant service and for the stunning high quality items! I’m sure this won’t be my last order.. Thank you very much!!! (6.9.2017)

Galit: The delivery arrived in just days. In lovely packaging and the price of the earrings is definitely fair! (6.9.2017)

Anna: A great store with great quality. I loved the courier service: I wasn’t at home with the delivery arrived because I forgot and went out, but the driver made sure to leave it with my neighbor and left me a phone message to let me know. That was really kind of him as many others would have just left. And of course the jewelry is definitely worth it, just what I wanted! A delicate and lovely necklace. (5.9.2017)

Edva: The order arrived very quickly. A great selection and the website is very easy to use. (5.9.2017)

Kider: I ordered some earrings for my daughter and they arrived in a matter of days with delivery to my door: beautiful and of high quality! The price is excellent and we even received a stunning pendant with necklace as a gift!

Yonit: A perfect gift for a bat-mitzvah! (5.9.2017)

Joanna: The order was simple and straightforward. The jewelry is beautiful and original, and delighted my daughter. (4.9.2017)

Ilana: Thank you very much! The buying process was one of the best I’ve had. A very user-friendly site and pleasant to buy from. The Customer Service is just as it should be: pleasant and patient. The product arrived just as expected quickly and in the best possible way! I’ll happily recommend it. Thank you for giving my daughter such a huge smile. (1.9.2017)

Ayelet: Amazing buying experience! After a long search dragging my feet through the stores to find gold earrings to suit my daughter, by chance I found your website. The realistic pictures helped me choose stunning earrings exactly for her! They arrived in a matter of days!!! from the time I bought them to my house. Beautifully packaged. Thank you! (30.8.2017)

Linoy: Thank you for the perfect earrings for my baby. They arrived at lightening speed!!! I’m thrilled to bits. From today I’ll buy only from you. Huge thank you! (29.8.2017)

Ariela: As advertized, the order arrived on time and to my satisfaction. The item didn’t disappoint, just as the picture on the website. (28.2.2017)

Leah: As usual, the buying experience from you is a real treat. Your customer service is wonderful. (25.8.2017)

Mittal: I bought earrings as a gift for my niece. They arrived quickly by courier to my door, just as described on the website. Excellent service! I’m very satisfied and will order only from this website. Thank you! (21.8.2017)

Karen: I ordered some earrings for my daughter and they arrived really quickly, in a pretty decorative box. The earrings are stunning and exactly like the picture! Thank you very much. (21.8.2017)

Hila: I ordered a pair of earrings for my 5-year old daughter. They arrived to my door by courier, exactly as promised when I placed the order. It should be noted the earrings are exactly as described on the website. I’ll definitely continue to buy from you. Warmly recommended and a huge thank you! (18.8.2017)

Inbal: I ordered a pair of stunning earrings for my two year old daughter in the shape of strawberries. The earrings were just the right size. Suitable for little girls and of good quality. The price is much lower than what’s in the stores. The delivery is very quick. Recommended! (18.8.2017)

Ronen: A website that makes the buying experience a real pleasure. Very fast delivery. The items is as promised. Simply wonderful. Thank you. (17.8.2017)

Ayelet: I ordered earrings for my girl in the shape of a puppy. They look exactly like the picture on the website. Charming and unique packaging. Really fast courier! (16.8.2017)

Shir: Amazing amazing amazing!! Your website shows exactly what you’ll get in terms of chain types, and it’s great there’s such a huge variety. The courier was really nice and the delivery arrived quickly. Thank you very much a real pleasure! (15.8.2017)

Liat: I placed the order on Saturday, and I had them in days. Excellent service, fabulous earrings. Without a doubt I’ll continue to order and recommend you to my friends. (15.8.2017)

Shiri: I ordered a pair of earrings for my daughter on Thursday. The earrings already arrived on Monday! They’re the most stunning earrings I’ve ever seen. Their quality exceeds expectations. (14.8.2017)

Amit: Stunning necklace. It arrived beautifully wrapped with a warranty and everything just as it should be. Fast service, generous and helpful. (14.8.2017)

Sivan: I bought a single earring to replace one I lost. Customer Service confirmed with me several times that it was the correct side. Also, I bought a further pair of fabulous dangling earrings - Full Heart. The item was with a clean design and of excellent quality! (12.8.2017)

Ella: Excellent service. I bought a stunning gift in a charming gift box. (10.8.2017)

Sarit: I can only praise your service and working methods. Everything was as it should be, pleasant and congenial. After I bought a pair of earrings I wanted to buy just a single earring as my daughter lost one. You accepted the order and the delivery was quick, to my door. Thank you! (10.8.2017)

Felicia: As a returning customer of youme, I can categorically attest to the quality of the jewelry, on their obvious beauty, the speed and ease of delivery. Listen up: there’s nothing like it! (10.8.2017)

Sil: The service was wonderful from the moment I ordered til I received the earrings I ordered. You’re really organized. Thank you very much!! (9.8.2017)

Vicky: This is already the second time I’m buying from the site. The products are beautiful and quality excellent. Also the service fantastic. I ordered a name necklace for my daughter and within days I had it!! (9.8.2017)

Rachel: Excellent quality, helpful and speedy customer service, above and beyond expectations!!! (9.8.2017)

Noy: Excellent service! Easy to use website! Fast delivery! I’ll definitely buy again!! (9.8.2017)

Yael: Stunning jewerly! It’s difficult to choose from the collection as everything is beautiful. Excellent service, quick response on the phone, explaining and helping with everything. I’ve already placed a few orders and it arrives really fast, in a few days! Highly recommended! (9.8.2017)

Karen: I ordered earring on Thursday and already by the start of the following week they arrived with a courier. I was surprised how quick the delivery was and by the gift necklace you gave us. Thank you very much. (7.8.2017)

Liron: As a returning customer I definitely recommend it! Wide selection, really suits little girls, high quality jewelry and speedy delivery! (3.8.17)

Yifa’at: The item is exactly as in the photo. Really suits us and arrived even faster than the stated time. Thank you! You’ve made a little girl very happy. (2.8.17)

Shy: Excellent service!! In just a few days the product arrived by courier. (26.7.2017)

Zohar: Along with my daughter I chose two earrings from the website, and they arrived in just 3 days and my daughter was so happy. She’s got a lot of compliments! Thank you very much. (25.7.2017)

Calrit: I received the item in just a few days from the time I ordered to my house. I’ll be happy to hear about new designs. (22.7.2017)

Noah: I ordered quickly and easily. The website is easy to use and shows the products very well. The delivery arrived very quickly!!! The earrings I ordered are lovely. I’ll definitely be ordering more!! (20.7.2017)

Esther: It’s been a long time since I cam across an Israeli company with such efficient and trustworthy customer service, as promised on the website. It’s plain to see that much has been invested in the selling process and provision of service. Well done. (20.7.2017)

Aviva: I bought girls stud earrings. Finding your way around the website is very easy, and they also called me to check that everything was to my satisfaction. (17.7.2017)

Avishag: Easy purchase, pleasant and enjoyable. A very quality product!! (19.7.2017)

Hadar: I received the fabulous earrings within days of ordering with a courier to my house. The butterflies are charming, the screw backing fantastic and a perfect buying experience! I’m sure this is the start of wonderful friendship! (18.7.2017)

Sheni: I bought two pairs of girls gold earrings. The service was simply amazing, from the the beginning with buying on the website. Simple and easy, and the delivery service is quick. I even asked to change the delivery address and it was no problem. Thanks very much to you. I’ll definitely be visiting the website again! (18.7.2017)

Shiran: I ordered earrings for my daughter, they arrived in a beautiful gift box in just days with a courier to my door. The earrings are charming and the most important thing is my girl is over the moon. I’ll definitely be buying more jewelry from you. (15.7.2017)

Omri: What fast service! Amazing items! Simply fun!!! (14.7.2017)

Ilan: Thank you very much for the great and speedy service!! I ordered a gold chain, and got a silver chain as a gift. I’ll definitely continuing to buy only with you!! (11.7.2017)

Mittal: I first ordered earrings for my daughter. The courier arrived with the delivery really quickly, the earrings are of a really high quality, real beauties. My daughter is over the moon.. And why not.. We also got a summer gift, a gold necklace with a dolphin pendant. Charming. Thank you. I’ll recommend it warmly! (10.7.2017)

Yoel: It’s fun to buy on the website! A huge selection at good prices, and the delivery was so quick we didn’t have time to wait! Highly recommended! (7.7.2017)

Sigal: Excellent service, helpful and patient. Very happy with the quality and beauty of the jewelry. Simply a pleasure. (6.7.2017)

Chana: Fast service, the courier was charming and brought it specially to my work. Thank you, see you at the next purchase. (3.7.2017)

Carmit: I must say that the service is simply excellent. (3.7.2017)

Racheli: I ordered earrings for my daughter from you, and they arrived in days and exactly as described on the website. (27.6.2017)

Shira: A friendly website on which it’s easy to see the details of the material and size. The item arrived in beautiful packaging and on time. My daughter will be very happy on her birthday. (21.6.2017)

Ilana: This is my fourth or fifth order, and that fact speaks for itself. I have eight granddaughters and I order all the earrings and necklaces from you! I even bought myself some earrings and they’re stunning. Good bye until my next order. (21.6.2017)

Sharona: I ordered a pair of earrings for my daughter, choosing from the wide range of options online. The earrings arrived in three days with a courier, beautifully packaged. Thank you very much! (16.6.2017)

Moses: Excellent. Excellent service and excellent product. (13.6.2017)

Jena: Beautiful and delicate earrings, exactly like the picture. It was an enjoyable purchase, everything is clear and easy to understand on the website, and Donna’s