Five Amazing Facts About Gold

Five Amazing Facts About Gold

According to the dictionary, gold is a noun and is described as follows: a malleable
metal, with luster and prestige, used primarily in the manufacture of jewelry, coins, and dentistry.
Gold is a freely occurring metal, and therefore is often found in nature in its pure state. Gold is one of the base elements in chemistry, with an international symbol of Au, and atomic mass is 196.7. However, apart from these definitions there are at least five more facts about gold you should know.

Each One of Us is a Tiny Goldmine (but really tiny!)

Scientists have found that we have gold in our blood! Yes, yes - actual gold.
But not enough to make our blood a worthy business proposition.
The amount of gold in our body is around 0.2mg, and most of it is found in our blood.
If a hundred thousand people donated the gold in their body, we would end up with a gold nugget weighing around 20g.
As a gesture to this amazing characteristic of our body, our ring collection for women includes the Big Heart ring.


Gold - To Wear and Eat!

In the last few years, there’s been an increase in the use of gold to add a special touch to gourmet meals.
This is by using small gold particles that come in the form of flakes or powder.
Although gold doesn’t have a taste, it’s not poisonous - as evidenced by the fact our body contains gold naturally!


All of the Gold in the World

If we take all the gold that has ever been mined and put it into a box (but not for real, right? That would be impossible), we’d only need to find a box with a volume of 14,000 liters. That’s all...

How is Gold Made?

Scientists are still trying to figure this one out.
For many years, researchers were convinced that gold was produced as a result of a supernova explosion, and reached earth as a powder from outer space. However, research in recent years suggests that the explosion was not from a supernova, but from a collision of neutron stars.
One way or the other, it’s amazing to think that the gold that we wear was created in space many millennia ago!


Pure Gold - Not Very Useful

We’d like to think we could decorate ourselves with jewelry made from 100% gold, but this isn’t very practical.
In order to make gold jewelry, it has to be combined with other metals due to its natural softness.
If we were to wear jewelry made from solid pure gold, it’s likely to bend or even snap.
Here at youme we maintain high standards, such that our gold jewelry is made from 14K gold: another words 58.5% gold and 41.5% other metals. This is to ensure the item of jewelry endures and remains beautiful for years to come.