Remarkable Facts about Earrings

Remarkable Facts about Earrings

An earring is an ornament worn on the ear - at least according to the definition in the dictionary.
in the distant past, earrings weren’t necessarily an item associated with women - on the contrary, it was men who wore earrings in their ears.
Earrings were associated with particular professions, for example sailors. However, artists also used to pierce their ears and wear earrings.
If we look at historical prints of William Shakespeare (who, just to remind you, lived in the 16th century), we can see a decorative gold earring in his lobe: small hoop earring that looks a bit like our Kansas earrings, without the zirconia stones of course. The use of zirconia stones in earrings is a pretty recent innovation.


Gold Earrings - Payment to an Unknown Person

In the past, sailors wore earrings not for their aesthetic appeal, but for very practical reasons.
These sailors set out on their dangerous voyages with gold earrings in their ears so that in case they drown and their body washed up on shore, these expensive earrings would serve as payment to the unknown person who would find their body and give them a burial. As a gesture to this history, you can wear our gold pendant…


Earrings for Men - A Good Luck Charm?

The translator, the poet and doctor Shaul Tchernichovsky documented an interesting use of earrings by men.
In the book “A kind of Autobiography” he mentions that the parents of little Shaul would put in earrings as a good luck charm for a long time.
Unfortunately, the doctor fell ill with leukemia and died before he reached the age of 70.
In our collection you can find Hamsa pendants - for good luck and good fortune.


What a Queen...

The person who established the wearing of jewelry day-to-day (for women at least) was the Queen of England.
Elizabeth II, queen of Great Britain from 1952, set the standard for many things - not least the wearing of earrings on a daily basis.
In some places this trend did not catch on, as wearing earrings was seen as ‘foreign’ and showy.
From the 1970s, with the economic advances of many countries and acceptance of Western culture, the wearing of earrings also became accepted.
Our gesture of acknowledgement to the Queen of England - a tennis bracelet named “Elizabeth”


If these fascinating facts have awoken your desire for a pair of new gold earrings, have a look at our collection and choose the earrings that suit you best - whether for girls or for women.