Buying Jewelry Online

Buying Jewelry Online

The Whole World in Your Hand -  Buying in the Age of the Internet

The rules of buying in the modern world are changing all the time, although the revolution in knowledge created by the emergence of the internet in the last two decades turned this rules upside down and changed the norms.
The world of the consumer has become much smaller (in the past did anyone dream of buying a costume from a Chinese shop in China so easily?), and on the other has expanded and widened, become more sophisticated and filled with an infinite amount of products and services.
As one young lady said to us, who was born into this world full of opportunities, “Today you can buy anything on the internet, just anything.”
And she’s right.
The choice is immense, possibilities endless, the prices are coming down, competition is rising, and in short - it’s a world-wide consumer’s delight in which we take part with glee.

Jewelry Online

It’s not just pizza, flights, TVs, books that it’s possible to buy online - jewelry too.
The trick is, from the business’s point of view, is to combine the online world with the real world.
To offer a wider and up-to-date range, easy-to-use website, good prices along side great customer service on the phone and possibility to collect yourself. Just like we do here at youme.
Customers know where the jewelry originates from and that there are people (delightful and charming, so they say about us..) behind the scenes that will be happy to provide them with great customer service even after their purchase.

Why Is It Worthwhile to Buy Online?

First of all, it’s a question of convenience.
Instead of leaving the house, traveling, looking for parking, not finding it, paying for parking, walk to the shop, squeeze in between other customers and not be able to see all that’s on offer - you can just browse on the internet, at any time and place that suits you, look through the various categories, filter by preference, and select the most beautiful piece of jewelry that exactly suits you. Also the prices on the internet are usually very good and competitive in comparison to what you’d pay in an ordinary shop.

Ordering One Thing and Getting Another

Let’s deal with a very important point that many are concerned about: will they receive exactly the jewelry they ordered, or does the jewelry look lovely and sparkly online but in fact what arrives is a tired looking item without spark.
This is a natural fear and understandable, since in a store you can see with your own eyes what you’re buying whereas on the website there are photos.
Allow us to reassure you.
Firstly, all of our jewelry is made from solid 14K gold, which means they will be lovely and shining forever! Gold never tarnishes, rust of peel off.
In order to get a sense of how the jewelry will look on the ear on neck, we invested in good quality images that show the proportions of each an every item of jewelry, as well as writing the size and dimension of each piece.
All this ensures that you get exactly what you ordered.
For example, this is how the Sparkling Elephant earrings look in the stud earrings for girls category:

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