Hoops of Joy

Hoops of Joy

Our collection of jewelry has expanded!
A new member has joined youme's wide range of jewelry: the hoop earring family.
These include new and original designs made - like the rest of our collection - from solid 14K gold finished to a high standard and in accordance to international standards.
We now introduce to you to our hoop collection, offer our recommendations, and even an important warning.

What style best suits you?

Our hoop collection includes four different types of earrings: hoop earrings, charm hoop earrings, huggie, and close hoop earrings.

Hoops - Earrings on the larger side in a hoop design. These are great for events and night out. They have a presence that can't be ignored.

Hoop and charm - These earrings are made of two parts: The hoop and the decorative charm hanging from it. There are all kinds of charms, some inset with zirconia stones, others with real pearl, and others in different shapes such as hearts, leaves and others. These earrings suit girls and young women.

Huggie - These earrings 'hug' the ear and come in all kinds of styles. Some are set with zirconia stones, while others have a decorative or plain design. Huggie earrings suit women and girls, giving the face an elegant and delicate appearance. These earrings are recommended for an elegant look whether at a special function or day-to-day.

Close set - These are close set to the ear and have an interesting shape. These earrings are set with zirconia stones, and decorated with a variety of shapes, hearts, flowers and original styles. These are great for everyday, or to dress up a festive outfit.

The variety continues in the types of closures:

The hoop collection also includes different types of closing mechanisms for the earrings, such as safety closures and those easy to close. However, they have their differences.

Click Closure - The most common type of closure for hoop earrings. It's made of a small protrusion that's inserted into the other side. How will we know if we closed the earring properly? We will hear the 'click'.

Tick Tock Closure - Usually found on huggie earrings. With these earrings you need to insert the closure tab into the back of the earring. This is a hidden type of closure, meaning that when the earring is closed we won't see the closing mechanism. How do we know it's closed correctly? we hear a 'tick tock'.

Leverback Closure - A popular type of closure for close set hoops and charm hoop earrings. To close securely, the front should be inserted into the hole in the back of the earring.

Which Suits Who?

Hoop earrings best suit women, teenagers and girls from age 7 onwards. We don't recommend larger hoops or charm hoop earrings for younger girls. These earrings can get caught in clothing while getting dressed or playing, potentially causing harm. All the earrings on the website have age recommendations.

Can't decide which earrings to choose? Want to know more about our hoop earrings? We're at your service, just contact us.