Diamonds - The Power of Nature

Diamonds - The Power of Nature

Diamonds are made of highly organized carbon.
It is created in the depths of the earth, roughly 200-250 kilometers below ground.
For a diamond to form, it must be extremely hot (1,000-1,200 degrees Celsius) and there must be immense pressure (roughly 60 thousand atmospheres).
Once created, the diamond is the strongest substance on earth, capable of scratching any other material, without enduring a single scratch itself.
This, by the way, is a wonderful tip for identifying fake diamonds.
Real diamonds will never become scratched.


How to gauge the value of a diamond

The warranty you will receive together with your diamond bangle bracelet will contain many letters and numbers.
Let’s try and understand what these concepts and number mean.
Carat is a unit of measurement that allows us to assess the diamond’s mass.
1 carat is equal to 200 milligrams of the actual weight, which is 0.2 grams.
Be careful not to confuse carats with karats.
Karats measure the relative purity of gold jewelry.
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This is our Elizabeth bracelet, the mass of its diamonds is 1.10 carats.

Diamonds are not only comprised of carbon atoms, every diamond also contains remnants of other elements.
This affects the diamond’s clarity. youme's tennis bracelets have a VS - Very Slightly clarity level.
This means that the diamonds have very little remnants of other elements.

The most sought-after diamonds are colorless, as the lack of color increases the bracelet’s ability to reflect a larger range of colors.
Diamonds can vary in their coloring - from yellow to crystal clear.
The diamonds in out Kate tennis bracelet are classified as H.
That means the diamonds are white.


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