Earring Backs / Closures – What are the Differences?

Earring Backs / Closures – What are the Differences?

Earrings, lovely small decorations in lobe of the ear, can be dangling or stud, in shapes ranging from hoops to flowers, and come in a wide range of colors and styles to suit anyone and everyone.  Undoubtedly, earrings are one of the most common and basic type of jewelry. However, to ensure the earrings' integrity and to maintain them in good condition over their lifetime, it's important to ensure they have a secure backing, or closure. 

It's not nice to see a solitary earring rolling around in the jewelry box, a reminder of the other half of the pair that got lost… But this isn't inevitable: one can keep earrings for years, if care is taken when choosing the type of closure for the earrings.

Push Back / Posts

Push-on backs are very common in many types of earrings. These types of closures are adapted to the size of the earring’s post to which they are fitted. The push-on closure can be made of diverse materials, including gold, silver and even silicon.
The construction of the closure is adapted to the type of indent on the post.
The use of push-on backs is very easy: simply put on the earrings and push on the closure until you feel a click or feel it at the back of the ear. For example, our Parallels earrings have push-on backs.

Screw Back Closure

This type of backing is suitable for all varieties of earrings, and is especially common for gold jewelry or earrings set with diamonds or precious stones, where the loss of the earring will be especially upsetting. The mechanism of the closure is styled on the old fashioned screw, onto which the closure is turned round safely and securely, such that the back sits comfortably against the rear of the ear keeping the earring firmly in place.This type of backing is very easy to use and is especially common in our collection for little girls, as it is not only safe and keeps the earring in place but also does not get caught in the hair or on clothes. 

You can see this type of screw backing on our Duo Heart earrings.

Click Closure

This type of backing is usually found on hoops: the closure includes a little pin that ‘clicks’ into place.
Little girls will usually need a helping hand to close earrings with a click closure.
And why is it called a ‘click’ closure? Because of the clicking noise that it made when the backing is closed safely and securely.
You can see an example of these in our Golden Filigree earrings.

Kidney Closure

Kidney earring closures are an integral part of the earring, which is designed as a kind of loop. In the front is the decorative part of the earring, while in the back is a post which springs into a loop to hold it closed.  This type of closure is especially popular in dangling earrings for girls.
For example, the gold earrings Triple Love Heart are with a kidney closure.

Lever Back Closure

This type of closure is especially popular in dangle earrings and charm dangle earrings.
With a little practice this type of earring can be put on without any assistance - simply insert the post into the small hole on the back loop of the earring.
Our Orly earrings are with with a lever back closure - only try not to get distracted by the beautiful colors of the zirconia stones and focus on the closure instead...

Latch Backs

Latch back closures are usually found on huggie earrings.
These earrings hug the lobe, and the closure is made of a post which is inserted into the back of the earring.
The effect is of a ‘hidden’ closure, in that when the earring is worn correctly the closure is not seen at all.
We can know the earring is safely closed when we hear the characteristic ‘tick tock’ sound of these backings. Our Hollywood earrings are an example of latch backs.

French Hooks

French hook closures can usually be found on dangle earrings.
This is a thin metal wire which is inserted into the piercing in the ear, and allows the earring full movement.
Our Golden Pearl earrings are an example of French Hooks.

With any earring you select, you can be sure that some thought has been given to the most suitable closure for it - such that all that remains is for you to make your choice...
In our earrings pages, you can filter your selection by closure type and choose the kind that’s most suitable for you.
If you’d like some help and advice you’re more than welcome to contact us.