Golden Chains - Links of Beauty

Golden Chains - Links of Beauty

Gold necklaces are an inseparable element of the fashion world and of women particularly, even as the style changes with personal taste and age.
What's the difference between necklace types? What characterizes each one?
Now's the time to learn a bit about necklaces - and surprise everyone with useful information.

Necklace Types

Rope chain - similar to a rope as its namesake in appearance. The chain is made of oval links, creating a rope-like spiral effect.

Spiga chain - a necklace of this type looks very similar to a braid, as is the technique in which it is made.

Venice chain - made of square links that are interconnected. The name of necklace reflects its origins, first made at the center of the fashion world as it was at the time – in Italy.

Twisted chain - a classic and delicate necklace. The technique used here is of braiding and twisting.

Rolo chain - as the Venice chain, it's made up of links but here they are round instead of square.

How to choose the most suitable?

As we saw, there are several types of gold necklaces. However, it's important to remember that not every glimmering necklace is made of real gold, and therefore it's important to remember to check if the necklace you have your eye on and that suits your pocket also meets international standards and careful quality checks. Another important element to consider is the weight of the gold: The weight greatly influences the price. The price of the necklace will be set by the length of the necklace and its length.

How can I enhance a gold chain?

The types of necklaces we described are good basic necklaces. However, you can enhance their appearance by adding a charming pendant from a wide range of styles and types, zodiac signs or create a name necklace. In designing a name necklace, you can choose the type of the chain, font of the lettering and even add a decorative twist, whatever suits your style. Another way is to layer necklaces of different lengths together and in this way create a unique and fashionable look.

As we've seen, there's a few types of gold necklaces that differ from each other in the way they are made and their appearance. If you're struggling through all the choice, you can always get advice on how to choose best from us here at youme, we'll be happy to help! Just contact us.