Gold Earrings - for Your Peace of Mind

Gold Earrings - for Your Peace of Mind

Man's use of yellow shiny metal has an impressive history. Gold is beautiful, luxurious and special, but is it also the most safe?

Before getting to the answer, let's get to know gold's unique characteristics.

From a chemistry point of view, gold is one of the base elements and does tend to combine with other elements. This noble characteristic means that gold is found in its pure form in nature: shiny and bright. Gold is on of the least reactive metals, which means it does not tarnish or oxidize, and its softness allows goldsmiths and jewelers to work with it, shaping it into beautiful jewelry that lasts through generations. Indeed, historical evidence shows that gold was one of the earliest metals used by man, dating back at least to 2,600 BCE...

But hold on, we were talking about health, weren't we?

Wearing jewelry is a slightly invasive act. We pierce the ears and insert metal into the skin. Our body doesn't like it when we put something unnatural into it, and because of this sometimes wearing an earring from base metals can cause an allergic reaction, starting from slight redness and pain to an infected swelling and infection.

Of course, not all ears are sensitive to the same degree, but there's no doubt that by ensuring you're wearing only real gold jewelry you reduce the chances of a local infection to zero.

Ensuring only real gold earrings are worn is not only healthier, it's also more practical.

As stated earlier, one of the unique characteristics of gold is it's durability: it doesn't rust, ever. It's possible to shower with earrings, to swim in the sea or pool.. But please, don’t try this with earrings made of other simpler metals, it would be a shame to ruin them in the attempt..

Our jewelry is designed in a fresh, youthful spirit, but safety is our priority. This is why all of youme's jewelry is made from real 14k gold, and our jewelry is intended for babies, little girls and young women - and also for those older..

We've designed a special closure for the earrings, and with each purchase come two types of closures, one from gold and a flexible on from silicon, to be used as you think appropriate.

On the health and safety of your little girl there can be no compromises..