Gold - For Now and Forever!

Gold - For Now and Forever!

Everyone can agree that gold is more its chemical components: The chemical symbol for gold is Au, and its atomic number is 79. In the periodic table, it’s with the group 11 elements, and its most common oxidation states are +1 or +3, sometimes both.
Gold is the most noble of noble elements in more ways than one, with a few unique characteristics: it never oxidizes and never rusts, and does not tend to combine with other elements. It is also one of the least reactive elements, hence its use in many medicinal applications.
Even if you didn’t know all these facts, you probably knew that it’s a pretty special and unique material.
And you’re not alone - throughout human history gold was considered to have positive characteristics which were highly prized, and made use of in many different ways and means.
One can say that apart from eating it, we’ve done just about everything else with gold.

Gold As a Status Symbol

There is a very ancient story of a wise man who in his youth was a simple and poor shepherd. However, his lowly status did not prevent the daughter of the richest man in Jerusalem from falling in love and marrying him. The couple’s lives were not easy, they lived in a hut and slept on straw. One morning when he was pulling out the bits of straw from his wife’s hair, he told her “I will give you a Jerusalem of gold”. Commentators explain this to mean that ‘Jerusalem of gold’ is a kind of crown embedded with stones that looks similar to the city’s wall. The desire of this wise man to give his wife a gold crown above any other material shows his intention to give her the most beautiful and precious thing as a symbol of his love for her, and demonstrates the high status of gold even in ancient days.
Indeed many sources, both historical and literary, show that gold’s status is of the highest kind. From Egypt, Greece to Jerusalem, there is much evidence to show that gold was the portion of kings and rich men, and not least of those who wanted to be considered important and respectable. Even today we can see the prestige of gold: fields of wheat are called ‘fields of gold’ as a metaphor for plenty and life source they represent. And of course, we celebrate anything which has value with gold, for example the golden anniversary of those married 50 years.


Gold as an Investment

Today many people buy gold not to trade with it or to make jewelry from it. Instead they buy gold in all kinds of shapes and sizes, whether gold coins or nuggets by weight, in order to keep it as an investment or to save it for a rainy day. Because of gold’s high value and prestige, the market is flooded with fakes and imitations. Therefore it is highly recommended to buy gold only from a well-run and reliable outlets, for example where you can meet with experts, discuss with them the quality of the gold and to see the means they have to ensure the quality and standard of their gold.  Our parent company, ‘Golden Blessings’ deals with selling gold as an investment, amongst other things.


Gold in the Future

Although it’s difficult to predict the future of the economy, not least as a result of the many rises and falls of stock markets in the world. Companies which were household names in the past have gone bust (for example, Nokia that once made cellphones, Kodak which used to make film, and many other companies in other fields) because they did not know how to adapt to suit a changing market. The invasion of digital currencies are shaking up traditional attitudes on transactions or services.


Despite this, we can say with some certainty that the value of gold will remain high for many years yet. We can see evidence to this in stock markets around the world: the value of different currencies - new and old - rise and fall, yet gold still holds on to its high value and continues to rise...