How to choose jewelry for a baby?

How to choose jewelry for a baby?

The charming appearance of a baby with earrings, necklace and bracelet is heartwarming. However, it's important to carefully choose suitable jewelry appropriate for babies. It can even be a matter of life and death: babies can be attracted by a sparkling earring and try to taste it. Here's a few guidelines for the correct and safe procedure for choosing jewelry for babies and infants:


Necklace - The safest option is not to buy necklaces for babies. The infant will try to pull it, suck it, and in extreme cases the necklace can cause suffocation. It's better to wait with the necklace for a few years, until the baby grows a bit.

Earrings - Earring can certainly be worn by the smallest babies. However, it's important to ensure that the earrings are made of real gold, that they are studs (word close to the ear) and with a secure back. The piercing itself should be done in professional setting with the proper certification and by those with experience.

Ring - It is better to avoid the wearing of rings by little princesses. The baby may delight in the charming appearance of the ring, but it is liable to find its way to the mouth of the infant and cause suffocation. It is better to wait until the age of starting kindergarten.

Bracelet - Many parents put on bracelets on the wrist of their little darlings: it's very cute and is certainly decorative on the wrist of the baby. However, it's important to ensure that the bracelet is made of high quality materials, not easily torn off, and in all cases should be taken off when you are not watching over the baby.


From what material is the item of jewelry made?

The skin of babies is very sensitive, and therefore it is recommended to buy them only quality jewelry and to avoid those made from cheaper metals and simple materials. These can cause a reaction of the skin. An additional note: jewelry containing lead should not be bought for infants: this is a dangerous and poisonous material and it not suitable for babies who are inclined to put things into their mouths. For the same reason it is inadvisable to buy jewelry with small beads or painted in poisonous colors. In these kinds of cases there is nothing to consider: if the item of jewelry doesn't look safe 100%, it's better to turn down the purchase.


Is it suitable to buy an item of jewelry as a birth present?

Because of the sensitivity of the matter, it is the parents who decide when is the right age to start. There are parents who would wait on piercing the ears, and there are parents who would rather do it at an early age and have it over with. Therefore, if you have bought cute earrings for your niece that has yet to be born or the daughter of a colleague at work, take into account that the present will lie waiting for a good few months until they will decorate the earlobes of the girl. In order to avoid embarrassment, it is better to consult with the parents and to recommend stud earrings best suitable for babies and infants.


What suits older girls?

If presents for girls be our topic, what about a gift for those of an older age? Girls and young women like to wear name necklaces with their name, which fill the heart with pride and a sense of uniqueness. For younger ages, there are unique pendants in the same of a favorite animal, heart shape, flowers or other favorite animated shapes. Unlike some more mature women, young women like stylized shapes, bold and preferably sparkling jewelry. Also good to know: youme offer an exchange policy enabling the swapping of jewelry bought as a gift for another item, if the original gift didn't quite catch the taste of the recipient.