How to Clean Gold Jewelry

How to Clean Gold Jewelry

You’ve invested money and thought, chosen your jewelry from our vast collection, and received the beautiful package containing your new piece of solid gold jewelry.
What a delight! Jewelry made of gold are high quality, durable, and always bright and shiny.
Unlike jewelry made from silver or from cheaper metals, gold jewelry does not require much effort or complicated processes to keep it beautiful.
To keep it lovely, you need only follow a few basic steps.

A Nice Shower - Also for the Jewelry

Jewelrywhich made ofsolid gold, such as our jewelry, does not rust as a result of contact with water. Actually, the water does them good: it’s possible and even desirable to shower with solid gold jewelry.
At the end of the shower, it’s important to gently pat the jewelry dry, so as not to scratch it.
This goes for any jewelry, whether a necklace, ring, bracelet or earrings.

Periodic Dip

 Whether you wear the jewelry every day or just for special occasions, it’s important to give it a clean from time to time.

Our recommendation: once every three weeks.

The process is simple and easy, and only takes a few minutes:

⁃                   Choose a container that the jewelry can be placed in and covered completely by water

⁃                   Add a bit of dish soap and warm water, and give it a gentle swirl to dissolve the soap

⁃                   Place the jewelry in the water and let soak 5 minutes

⁃                   Take out the jewelry and rinse in clean water

⁃                   Dry the jewelry with a soft paper towel, gentle patting it dry

A tip worth its weight in gold: a piece of jewelry that is not worn every day should be kept in a closed box, to protect it from scratches and dust. 

Clean the Ears Too

 Gold earrings are hypoallergenic, which means they’re suitable for those with sensitive skin, and do not cause infections or reactions.
Regardless, it’s a good idea to take out earrings once every couple of weeks to clean the post with alcohol, and then put them back.
You might see a small build up of material around the post - that’s nothing to worry about, it’s just a natural discharge from the ear.
Dip a bit of cotton in alcohol, rub on both sides of the ear lobe, clean the closure of the earring and you’re done, the earring can go back on.

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