How to Match Jewelry in the Best of Taste

How to Match Jewelry in the Best of Taste

Let's admit it, the upper half of our body is the most visible. Whether wearing an open or closed top, it's best to choose elegant jewelry that will go with your overall appearance. If wearing a dress with a low cleavage, it's best to choose small earrings such as studs, and a good solid necklace. Dangling and prominent earrings will match better with a sleeveless or asymmetric top - and don't forget to put on a ring to match the rest of the jewelry.


Matching the jewelry to the hairstyle

Your hair is part of your look, so when choosing jewelry it's important to consider how it will go with the shape of the face, hairstyle, and of course hair color. Very long dangling earrings as well as stud earrings suit a swept back hairdo. If you prefer to go with your hair down choose medium length earrings, and add an original necklace and ring.

What's your style?

Your style of dress is one way to express your personality, so it's a good idea to match the jewelry to the rest of the outfit. If you love an elegant, tailored look, it's best to choose silver or solid gold jewelry in clean lines and in a classic style. If you prefer a chic urban look, your taste is likely to be more eclectic: bracelets, earring and necklaces in an original style made of different materials.

Matching the jewelry to the occasion

If you're invited to an exclusive evening event, it's best to choose earring to match your fabulous dress. Take care not wear jewelry that attracts too much attention, so that your jewelry doesn't steal the show from your dress. You can choose a thick or thin bracelet that matches with the style of your dress, but it's best not to wear more than one. What about earrings? Our recommendation is to choose diamonds or zirconia to suit your glamorous outfit. Don't forget to check that they suit your hairstyle.

What about romantic dates?

Here too it's good to carefully consider your outfit: Jewelry that's too bold or prominent distracts the attention. Where do you want to focus your date's gaze? On the neck - wear an unusual necklace. On your manicured hands? Choose an original ring. And if at your face, choose large and unique earrings.

Wide range of earrings

In jewelry stores today can be found an impressive range of jewelry. Some are made of diamonds, silver, gold, bracelets, or beaded necklaces such as those of pearl. The choice and diversity offers many opportunities to enhance your outfit, to express your personality, style of dress and nature of the event.

What's the most important consideration when choosing jewelry?

1. Match to style of dress and hairstyle

2. Match to the type of event

3. The right amount: not too much. Choose one main, eye-catching piece and keep the rest simple

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