Where and How to Buy Earrings Today?

Where and How to Buy Earrings Today?

Where and how to buy earrings today?

Earrings have been from the earliest days of civilisation, found widely and held in high regard. Recent archeological evidence has shown that women and men have worn different types of earrings over two thousand years ago! However, this is not surprising when we consider that earrings add charm and interest to our general appearance, reflecting personality and character. Would you like to update your look with beautiful earrings? Of course you would! Therefore you need to know that the path to a good purchase goes through two main questions: "how?" and "where?"


As in any field of consumerism, also in the world of earrings it is advisable to 'do one's homework' before making a purchase, and this to ensure that the purchase is a successful one. For example:

- Match the shape of earrings to the shape of your face: For example, round faces are better suited to long earrings, while long thin faces are better suited to round and larger size earrings are recommended.

- Match the colour of the earrings to the skin tone: Earrings made from yellow metals (for example, earrings from solid gold) or red metals will suit olive skin tones or those with red hair. Silver or white gold will especially suit a lighter skin tone.

- Choose the earring for their intended purpose: For everyday wear, it's better to buy relatively 'modest' earrings, without many high value stones. For special occasions or going out, sparking earrings are better suited, including diamonds and semi-precious stones.

- Look for original and unconventional earrings, the better to attract attention. Animal shapes (in youme's collection you can find a range of beautiful earrings of this kind), or those hand designed are excellent examples.

In the world of jewelry, it's very important to know where to make your purchase, so that you may be certain of having bought a high quality item.
- As with any kind of jewelry, buy earrings from a place which looks orderly and professional. In other words, look for a supplier which provides receipts and employs people who know their subject. In this way you avoid counterfeit and poorly made jewelry.
- Guarantee: a good place to buy jewelry is a place which offers a warranty for the earrings in case of damage, fault or other problems relating to the appearance of the jewelry.
- That you can change your mind: A professional jewelry store will allow its customers to bring back or exchange items, even if they only changed their minds after purchase. Ask about the store's returns and exchange policy before purchase.