Original Earrings - the Perfect Gift

Original Earrings - the Perfect Gift

Earrings are a special and fun present that suit any age: Women, girls and young women. Birthdays, for example, are an opportunity to delight with a pair of special and unique earrings. If the preference is to move from the safe boundaries of ordinary classic taste, it's useful to bear in mind a few things so that the gift hits the spot of the recipient’s taste, as we explain.



A birthday deserves as special gift

Apart from being an item of jewelry, earrings can be a statement and fit in with the personal style of the wearer. For example, if it's a question of a vivacious girl, a 'real pepper' as they say, why not choose a pair of earrings to reflect her personality? Instead of sticking to classic shapes of flowers or hearts, go for unusual earrings in the shape of fruits and cute animals: a charming and heartwarming gift to delight any girl.

The perfect gift for any age

For teenagers and girls a bit younger, original earrings are the perfect gift. Also suitable for little girls and infants are earrings in the shape of a bee, doll, teddy bear, Hello Kitty earrings and plenty besides. When buying earrings for the very young, it's important to make sure the earrings are securely fastened with safety closure, and it's best to stick to stud earrings rather than drop earrings. Drop earrings are better and more suitable for older girls and young women.

How to choose original earrings?

First, it's important to remember not every girl will want original earrings, there are many who would prefer more classic earrings. However, if you're certain that your special girl will be delighted to receive original and unique earrings, maybe even with a little bit of a “wink” about them, it's helpful to keep in mind a few things when making your selection of the gift:

What color? - Earrings in the shape of animals or fruit are colorful earrings usually, so it's good to consider what colors your special girl likes compared to others. What's the most common color of her clothes? Choose something that will suit her taste.

What style? - If we’re talking about a girl who loves animals, then go for an animal shape such as a dolphin, puppy, butterfly, tortoise or even a ladybug. You'll be surprised to discover that older girls would also love animal shapes, out of their affection for the living world. If fruits are her favorite, then strawberry or cherry shaped earrings will certainly delight her.

For who are the earrings?

Another element to consider is the shape of the girl's face: Different shaped faces will suit different shaped earrings. For example, for a girl with a round face, long dangle earrings are recommended, while for a girl with a long-shaped face stud or circle shaped earrings suit best.

Many like the classic, elegant shape, but it's important to bear in mind that original and unusual earrings have an advantage over the classic shape in that they are eye catching and attract more notice, and so are the perfect gift for girls of any age.

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