Pendants of Personality - Presenting Your Inner You

Pendants of Personality - Presenting Your Inner You

Consider how wonderful it would be if we could wake up each morning and decide what kind of person we want to be.

One day we might feel like being a mysterious spy, another day an inspired poet, and on another to be clown in a circus.

Until the scientists come up with a way to transform us each day into someone else, or develop virtual glasses to help us be who want to be each day, we can decide what particular pendant we want to wear each day: a pendant to reflect our mood, who we want to be, who we really are, what we want others to think of us - in short a pendant that reflects us.

Our wonderful range of pendants was designs with just this in mind, for special women who want to feel unique. Here are some of our special pendants:

Twirls of Gold Pendant

A round pendant, spectacular in its beauty.
The round outline is decoratively indented, framing twisting curling abstract shapes to create an interesting, eye-catching design.


Filigree Hamsa Hand Pendant

A pendant in the shape of Hamsa, or Hand of Fatima. With a gold outline filled with decorative rounded filigree.

Go Girl Pendant

A pendant in the outline of a girl: the body is embedded with zirconia stones and she’s wearing boots of gold.
A unique pendant with significant symbolic meaning.

Gold Shears Pendant

An unconventional, humorous pendant in the shape of scissors.
Especially suits outstanding and extraordinary girls and young women.
The pendant comes with a necklace.

Monaco Pendants

An unusual and attractively shaped pendant created by interwoven threads to create a mesh effect, on which are scattered white gold circles.