How to Tell the Difference between Real and Counterfeit Gold?

How to Tell the Difference between Real and Counterfeit Gold?

How to tell the difference between real and counterfeit gold?

Real gold is an expensive and high quality metal that is worth a lot of money. On account of this, it's a material that often is falsified or mixed with cheap low-grade material and sold at unjustifiably high prices. It is estimated that around 10% of the gold jewelry sold to the public is counterfeit. How can you know that your jewelry is made from real gold? Here are three top tips to differentiate between real and fake gold jewelry.


Below the surface

Firstly, in order to know if one is dealing with a genuine or fake article, one should look at the country of origin. It's known that countries in the Far East, where it's acceptable to wear a lot of gold jewelry, many counterfeit items - more or less successfully - are produced. Therefore, the country of origin is one way to evaluate quality. Of course not all jewelry produced in these countries is fake, but origins there increase the risk. Another way is to pass a magnet near the item of jewelry - real gold is not magnetic. Furthermore, one can look at the reaction of the skin to the metal: real gold does not leave a mark, not even on those with the most sensitive skin. If an infection or swelling breaks out, then the material involved is not pure gold. Moreover, gold is a chemical product and therefore its quality can be checked by heating: an item made of genuine gold will not change at all, whereas a counterfeit product is likely to change color or the metal to become sticky.



Real gold sold in weight of 2g and upward must have a hallmark consisting of three symbols: the karat, stamp of the Standards Institute, and the personal symbol of the manufacturer or importer. These hallmarks are additional means of knowing whether the item is fake, or just plated, or if you have a genuine gold piece of jewelry. As these hallmarks are very small, the seller should be in the possession of a loupe or magnifying glass to enable buyers to check the hallmarks.


Professional Examination

Most people do not have a kit to test the quality of gold at home. However, when dealing with a professional, one should know the process of checking an item of jewelry to ensure its quality and origin. Professionals have a stone with which they examine the jewelry and check if the item is only plated or made from an expensive metal, as well as how many karats. Real gold jewelry will leave a kind of gold 'dust', over which the professional will pass an acidic compound. If this 'dust' does not disappear or dissolve, then the item is made of real gold.


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