What's White Gold?

What's White Gold?

Yesterday we received an email:
“Hi, my name is Nora and I’m getting married in 3 months. I designed myself a dress in a white marble color, and my designer suggested I get a white gold necklace and earrings to match. Is white gold jewelry of a lower quality than regular gold?”
It’s interesting that many people think that that jewelry from white gold has less real gold in it, or more silver. Is that true?
In a word, no.
The natural color of gold is yellow, when it is found in its ordinary state in nature.
However, there are many people who don’t like the yellowness, this shining and unique characteristic of gold, for many reasons.
Sometimes it depends on the skin tone, or personal taste, or as in our case, it doesn’t match as well to the color of the clothes to be worn.
Therefore, already in the Middle Ages, gold was mixed with other metals to give it a white color.
To know what percent of gold is in an item of jewelry, it’s important to look at the hallmark, as it’s things which gives you a standard of quality, not the color.

What’s white gold made of?

White gold is made up of a combination of yellow gold and other materials.
For example, to get to the typical white color, a combination of yellow gold, nickel and zinc.
To arrive at white-grey color, a mixture of yellow gold, iron and copper.
Interesting, right?
Regardless, despite the similar appearance, silver jewelry is not the same as solid gold jewelry, and this is apparent in the price (silver jewelry is usually cheaper), and as we have emphasized, on the hallmark.
Jewerly made from solid gold won’t have a number with a ‘K’, as all gold jewelry does. In order to know what the ‘K’ means, have a peek here.

What about the bride?

We called her, firstly to wish her congratulations but also to choose some lovely pieces, from solid white gold, that will match her dress and hairstyle.
We finally settled on earrings and a pendant that combine yellow and white gold.
And what about you? Debating which item to choose? If you’ve got any questions, just get in touch!