Where to Buy Earrings for Girls?

Where to Buy Earrings for Girls?

Where does one buy earrings for little girls? Why are gold earrings recommended in comparison to other metals? What do you need to know before making a purchase? Everything you need to know in a handy guide for a smart purchase.

Sooner or later almost every mother hears the request "I want to get my ears pierced", especially if she has raised a little princess who is charmed by the idea of beautiful earrings, especially if she has seen her friends with them. After we have passed through the question and the debate, got the ears pierced and the initial healing period has come to end, we then come to the stage of buying the first pair of new earrings.

The most recommended metal for pierced ears is gold, due to the fact it's a high quality base metal that does not cause infections or reactions in the delicate skin of the ear lobe. However, there is a wide range of earrings for little girls of various types, and a plethora of sellers promising that their earrings are made of gold. So let's pause to consider: What's important to know before buying earrings for little girls?

Gold or not gold, that is the question
We all know that since the beginning of civilization gold has been highly valued. Actually this unique and shining metal has a few characteristics which make it ideal as a preferred material for making jewelry, including gold earrings. Gold has several advantages: it doesn't rust and is considered to be highly durable, doesn't cause itching or redness, and the risk of infections arising from wearing it or reactions to it are considerably lower compared to other metals. Despite this, many parents are unsure if to buy their girls gold earrings due to the relative high cost and the risk of loss. It is an economic risk, but considering that the child's health is in question, it is worth paying for gold earrings while ensuring the backing is a secure closure that does not open easily: In this way you can be sure that the earring won't get lost easily.

So where does one buy earrings for little girls?
The purchase of earrings for girls should be a considered process, and no less important is that it should be done in the right place: in effect where you buy the earrings is nearly as important as the type of earring chosen, if not more so. If you've already decided to buy gold earrings for your little girl, be sure to look for a shop which specializes in this area. Apart from a wide selection, the shop should offer earrings which are secure, and easy to put on and take off without pain or discomfort. In addition to this, they should be made of high quality, durable materials that will last. And the price? Good news! You can certainly find an outlet offering quality earrings at an attractive price to suit every pocket.

What do you need to know before making a purchase?
Buying earrings for your little girl is a combination of beauty and health, and therefore it's important to know what you're buying and on what to place emphasis.

- Real gold or counterfeit? How can one know if it's real or fake gold? Real gold has a special quality: it's not magnetic, does not leave any marks on the skin, is always shiny, and even after many years does not tarnish. Gold jewelry has a hallmark - ask to see it.

- What kinds of earrings are most suited to little girls? There are many types of earrings and not all of them are suitable for every girl and every age. Ask the advice of the salesperson, mentioning the shape of the girl's face and her age so that the earring is the most suitable.

- A stud or dangling earring? There are two basic types of earrings: stud earrings and dangling earrings. Before choosing, it's important to remember that the earrings should be comfortable, and suitable for every day activities and even sleeping. Gold earrings do not need to be removed, not even for bathing or swimming in the sea. In choosing earrings for your little girl, consider their beauty but don't forget the practical side.

- What's the difference between the different types of earring backs? There are various types of closures, including push-on and screw backs. Choose a back which is easy and comfortable to use, as well as secure, so that you don't spend a lot of time on putting in and take off the earrings, and not least to ensure the earring does not fall out of the ear and go missing.

youme - a wide selection of earrings for girls
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If you have any questions or would like advice on buying earrings for girls, just ask.

Buying jewelry for girls is not the same as buying for adults. No compromise is possible for our girls - not on quality, not on beauty, and most importantly - not on their health. How can we know if the earring is made from real gold and why this is important? How do we match the earring to the girl, and on what should we place emphasis during the buying process? For your convenience, here's a guide to buying earring for girls.