Why Is It Important to Wear Solid Gold Earrings?

Why Is It Important to Wear Solid Gold Earrings?

Why is it important to wear earrings made from real gold after the initial piercing with medical grade stud earrings has healed?

Anyone who wants to get their ears pierced (or anywhere else on the body) for the first time probably knows the procedure: after sanitizing the area a piercing is made with a needle or gun, one discovers it's not as painful as it looks, and one gets a temporary stud to safeguard the ear and to help prevent infections and reactions.

However, the first earrings you wear after this initial stud earring is very important: it's not recommended to put on just any earring! It's dangerous enough to cause irreversible damage.

Take care of the ears from the get-go..
The idea of a medical grade stud earring is very simple: it's a smooth rounded earring, without any bumps or lumps in the metal. The material from which these earrings are made are also very important: usually it's made from titanium, a metal which is 'well-accepted' by our body.

In contrast to titanium, there are metals such as nickel which are known to be problematic: around 15% of the population are sensitive to this metal, and if those who have this sensitivity wear an unsuitable earring after piercing their ears the results will be unpleasant.

The original stud earring should be worn for around a month (some even recommend 6 weeks) to enable the body to get used to the inserted foreign object.

… and carry on taking care
Many are impatient to reach the end of the initial healing period of the new piercing, and can't wait to get the new earring they had their eye on (and because of which they probably decided to get their ears pierced!). A problem can arise if unsuitable earrings are chosen, those that can harm the ear, even if the healing period has reached its end.

Therefore, when you buy your first earrings (and especially if you are sensitive to different metals), it's highly recommended you buy a high quality earring. What's meant by 'high quality'? One that is made by professionals, and made from real gold. It's not hard to find such earrings to suit any age these days: youme, for example, has a collection of earrings made from real gold suitable for girls and teenagers, that can suit a first as well as a second piercing.

What if despite all this something is still not quite right?

Whether you followed these instructions or not, seek medical attention in the following circumstances:

- Swelling or redness in the region of the piercing
- Considerable pain around the piercing
- Discharge from the piercing