Tennis Bracelets - Where elegance meets style

Tennis Bracelets - Where elegance meets style

Tennis bracelets are elegant, luxurious and beautiful.
They are made of Solid gold and are embedded with tens of diamonds.
Each diamond is identical to its neighbor, reflecting the light in with precise uniformity so that the bracelet gives off a continuous shimmer.

The technique in which the bracelets are created enables unique flexibility and a wide range of motion.
Diamond bracelets are handcrafted, one link at a time, with great care and precision,  through a special technique that conceals the individual links, to the bracelet looks like a delicately perfect work of art.

But what is the connection between diamonds and the beloved sport?

That’s a good question.
According to Sotheby’s, the fine art, jewelry and decorative items auctions and private sales company, diamond tennis bracelets were named after an event that took place at the US Open, the hard court tennis championships.
Olympic tennis player Chris Evert asked to stop the game to retrieve a fallen bracelet.
The athlete explained that the bangle was extremely expensive and was embedded with tens of diamonds, so she simply had to stop the game and locate it.
The match’s referee agreed to her request and so the tennis player walked back and forth across the court until she found the missing bracelet, as tens of thousands of spectators and hundreds of cameras stood watch.
Following that fateful day, the sale of diamond bracelets like Evert wore surged.
Jewelers noticed the rising trend and rebranded the diamond bracelet as a “tennis bracelet,” a brilliant marketing move.
Indeed, the similarities between the elegant sport - tennis, and the diamond bracelet that simply projects elegance, are many.
For example, the Jennifer diamond bracelet. This bracelet is also called “chocolate,” as the links’ design is reminiscent of an inviting chocolate bar.
The Jennifer bracelet is available in yellow and white gold.

And this, is the Charlotte. Charlotte’s links bring to mind tiny, delicate flowers.
The Charlotte bracelet is available in yellow and white gold.


And what about safety?

Will the bracelets stay on your wrists?
I guess you can say that many lessons were learned in the aftermath of the Chris Evert story.
The diamonds embedded within youme's tennis bracelets are placed in the link by hand.
The chance of them falling out and dispersing all over the floor is virtually nonexistent.
What’s more, our gold bangle bracelets close with a double clasp, ensuring that the bracelet remains on your wrist.

Our tennis bracelet collection

Our tennis bracelet collection is characterized by luxurious, delicate quality pieces, each containing an original DGI - Diamond Gemological Institute Ltd. authenticity certificate.
The bracelets are available for purchase online and will be couriered straight to your home.
You’re more than welcome to read up on the diamonds we use to create our fabulous ladies’ bracelets.
Can't decide which bracelet do you like more?
A yellow diamond bracelet, or maybe a white diamond bracelet?
Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you decide.