Where Can I Buy a Chain for a Pendant?

Where Can I Buy a Chain for a Pendant?

A Pendant Made of Solid Gold.. And the Necklace?

A couple of days ago, a friend showed me a pendant she bought from youme. It was an interesting and unique pendant in the shape of a delicate butterfly, combining white and yellow gold. I complimented her on her choice, and she asked “By the way, do you know where I can buy a necklace for the pendant?”
I was a little surprised, I mean where else to buy a necklace for a pendant if not on youme? youme offers a great variety of pendants, for women and girls, but we also have another collection not less important: necklaces.
So if you were wondering where to buy a necklace for a pendant, allow us to introduce our collection..

Where Can You Buy Necklaces for Gold Pendants?

We offer a wide range of necklaces for pendants, that you can wear without a pendant too.

Some of our necklaces:

Spiga Necklace

 the gold chin - sfiga

Twisted Venice Necklace

the gold chin - twisted

Rope Necklace

the gold chin - rope

Rolo Necklace

the gold chin - rolo

Venice Necklace

the gold chin - venice

If you want to know a bit more about necklaces, where they’re made and why they have these names, you can read about it here.
Our necklaces come in white gold, for example the delicate classic Venice necklace, and in yellow gold, such that you can match any pendant to a suitable necklace.
A pendant with both white and yellow gold can go with a necklace of either white or yellow gold.
In the end, my friend chose a yellow gold necklace for her pendant.

Which Gold Necklace to Choose?

A good question which leads to an important recommendation: when you’re thinking of buying a necklace online, be sure to have a good close-up look at the picture.
This way you can get a good impression of the necklace design and to be sure that it matches you pendant.
On every page is a picture of a model showing how the necklace looks on the neck: by looking at the close-up of the photo you can get an idea of the proportions of the length, and to be sure it’s suitable for you or whoever you’re buying it as a gift.

How Much Does a 14K Gold Necklace Cost?

The price of a necklace depends on the type that it is, the length and thickness.
On youme it’s possible to buy just a pendant, pendant & necklace, or a gold necklace without a pendant.
Or maybe you’d like a name necklace? The price includes the chain.
The delivery, whatever the amount and for every purchase - is on us!

We hope you enjoy wearing your new item!

Do you have any questions?
Want some help or advice on choosing from our collection?
Just contact us, we’ll be happy to help!